Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is philosophy to you?

My answer to this without any editing; my thoughts as if it were rolling off the tongue and (dol) drafting out loud are as follows:

Philosophy to me is a choice that one or several people chose to follow or believe as a matter of selective and often well defined rules of ethics and ideals, that are directed towards a given purpose.

Coming next: A listing of various definitions on philosophy.

Okay, it sure has been a while since I have been active here online. I am now only getting my cell phone set up with blogger. This web world is something else. Have you set your phone up for online blogging?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Transformation 2009 Ahoy!

Who hasn't done it?  You know, make up that new year's resolution.  Do you have a plan in place?  How many times have you made those "weight-loss" resolutions after the big holidays?  There are quiet a few of us out there that have and don't usually stick with the plan.  Do you think if there were some $$$$$ involved it would help motivate you?  Well check out this site.  The start date is 2009.  If you aren't ready to make the commitment to yourself to improve your life.  Jump on board anyhow and see how it all works.  Laws of reciprocation of good spirit shall take it's place.  There is no cost to join the site, so check it out.   Go to  and sign up for free.  Good luck!  Whoever happens to be reading this, Best wishes for you in the New Year 2009 and many more!  Happy New Year! ~Jineil

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A new creation by J. J. Hayes

Dr. Jineil and Ms. Haze:  The Discovery.

 It was a cold winter day when Dr. Jineil had driven into her office.  Everything seemed to be going well and calm.  The good Dr. was a mother of three beautiful children who were all attending Private Catholic Colleges outside of the area.  Dr. Jineil happend to be married to a crazy genius Philanthropist named name Barbwire Haze.

Barbwire was blind.  He had made a discovery one day while out running around out on the countryside when he still had full vision.  He had come across several engineers who were in progress of an excavation project while out on his run.  Something was not normal in the meeting of the men that Barbwire witnessed.  They seemed to have something heavy on their minds. “ Oh, good thing I am not a civil engineering type.” Barbwire had thought, as he continued to run past the gentlemen keeping him hidden out of sight.

The men in their heavy sweaters and long coats and their fancy leather gloves all drove rather practical vehicles out in the countryside.  Mostly four wheel drive sport utility type vehicles.  They started to raise their voices and this brought on more curiosity to Barbwire.  He stopped his run and gently walked managing to keep himself out of their sight.  The seven men started to yell and then one of them shoved the other.  “Now, now, I don’t think all this is necessary do you?” asked one of the engineers.  Marco the youngest of the bunch spoke with calmness, “I don’t’ think that is enough money to… we’ll need more for this plutonium.  I think China would be willing to pay much more.  The man with the most money will get the deal.”  A big burly old looking man grunted in a Russian accent, “I think I have talked about this enough let’s meet later at the Nautilus there we can play our cards better.”

“Oh, dear oh my.  These men are talking about making some serious gun powder.”  Barbwire had thought as he once worked with the Special Forces there at Little Creek Naval Base. “ Boy would they like to get a hold of these fellows.”  I have got to tell my buddies at the CIA office.  If I can sneak away from here unnoticed.  What have I gotten myself into?”  Barbwire tried to slowly walk backwards when a little Asian boy started to holler, “Joe! Joe!  The seven men scramble to the vehicles and start their engines and high tailed it out of there leaving the little boy. 

“Joe! Joe!” the boy screamed, “help me!”  Barbwire had already ran a good ways with the boy following him at the speed of light. Barbwire nervously looked around to see if the men were anywhere in view.  The coast was clear and the China boy approached Barbwire saying,” You can help me, those men are very bad.  They killed my mother and father a long time ago and make me their boy.  “Who, what?  Those men?”  “ I know they are bad men we have to get out of here fast, before they come back.”  (Years later.)

Dr. Jineil is at her office with her last patient for the day.  Short day for her today.  As her last patient leaves for the morning she finds herself pondering about her husband.  Wondering if he’s okay.  She drives straight home as her husband does not like to talk on the phone and often will not answer.  He has a slight case of paranoia, ever since seeing those men out in the country.  The men did come back as Barbwire and the China boy approached the Haze’s home. They had no mercy on the boy and drove right over him while knocking the car door swiftly to Barbwire’s face leaving the both for dead.  Fortunately Barbwire came out alive with everything intact, but his vision.  The boy, dead like the rest of his family.  Dr. Jineil knew how much this tragedy haunted her husband and was very understanding almost all to consumed about his condition. Barbwire had become a functioning paranoid schizophrenic that needed constant supervision from time to time.  It was almost as if Dr. Jineil had a new child at times.

 The CIA had been informed all those many years ago as Barbwire still had full recollection of the seven men.  He was able to describe the men down to their crow’s feet.  His memory had been photographic and was very instrumental at the time the Secret Agents came to interview with him.  Barbwire and Dr. Jineil had been awarded Ten Million dollars for the information that they had given the CIA.  Their willingness to cooperate after what took place, proved to be very instrumental in the capture of the engineers and architects that were plotting to sell their discovery of plutonium to foreign countries, which could very well have jeopardize our Nations Safety and Security.  All the while, the Haze family felt with the death of the China boy and Barbwire loosing his vision, Ten Million dollars was nothing.  It could not bring back the dead boy nor was it instrumental in bringing back Barbwire’s vision.

To the public Dr. Jineil was a respectable Psychologist in the State of Washington.  The family had been relocated and had their identities changed and was under a special witness protection program.  The family was once known as the Diaz family.  A very Catholic Spaniard family that had come to the United States in the early 90’s.  Their way of life totally changed after Barbwire’s discovery of the plutonium ploy.  Their lives were very quiet.  The three children excelled in their schools and would fly home to visit with their mother and father every weekend.  Of course they could do this as the three children all attending the same Private College and had access to the family jet.

On what is known as the normal rainy, cold typical day in Seattle the whole family is present for their weekend gathering.  It is generally the only time that Barbwire will leave their home along the hillside of Seattle with the nice lake view he can’t even see. “Honey, Crystal, Summer and Edward all want to go to Space Needle for lunch.” the Dr. says.  “What?  The kids are home again already.  That’s nice. But, I have been working on this special computer program that will help the blind use all the computer software better.  I have really got to get this done or at least make some progress,” says Barbwire. “Dear, dear, Daddy, progress is good, but you don’t have to be a perfectionist,” says, Crystal. 

“Oh, humbug, Daddy,” says Edward.  “I brought home a friend that I would like the family to meet.  She’s not here right just yet as she thought she’d go shopping and pick a warmer outfit.  She is very excited to meet you Pa.”  “Edward, you brought home a girl?” “Is she your girlfriend?”  “No, Daddy, no,” says Summer.  “She’s one of those mystery gypsy types that have super healing powers. Edward seems to thing that they are real and that she could restore your vision.”  “Really, what did you tell this girl Edward?” Barbwire asks.  “Nothing, really.  Just that you could probably use some super healing powers and I would pay her some big bucks if she could do it.  I gave her a thousand dollars in cash to prove that I was serious if she was serious.” “Edward! Are you out of your mind!  Haven’t we taught you about people?  We are not to trust anyone outside of the family!  Do you understand!!!  Everyone who sets foot into our home must be checked out first by security without their knowing.  It’s just the way it has to be dear.  I am sorry.  But we have to be very cautious.  There is so much more that you really don’t know and we can’t afford to become associated with just anyone.  Having them stay in our home.  You just don’t understand.  There are too many secrets that I just can’t explain right now to you.  It’s too dangerous.” Ms. Haze says to her son Edward.  “Okay Dr. Mom,” says Edward.  “Okay, love enough of the sarcasm you know I get enough of that listening to my patients everyday.  When I am at home the Dr. hat comes off and the Ms. Haze hat or Mother hat is dawned dear son, “says Ms. Haze.

“Barbwire love, I think it is time that we told the children,” says Ms. Haze.

The children gather around.  Barbwire takes the two daughters by the hand and starts to walk toward one of the walls in their study. While Ms. Haze holds Edward closely.  Barbwire, “Children and mother come here and walk with me.”  Barbwire pulls a book from the library shelf reaches his hand to the back of the shelf and a scanner scans his hand making a very quiet high-toned whistle. “ Come follow me, we have only ten seconds, which really is enough.  Now follow my in my footsteps, carefully.  Keep your eyes on the little blue lights and keep walking forward,” says Barbwire.

The Children follow their parents into a secret passageway where the door closes behind them leaving only darkness and bright little blue LED light to follow.  They then feel weightless and they are taken away in a tubular underwater sub railway.  The doors open Ms. Haze, Barbwire and the children all stand.

Barbwire, “Here children this is why we must be so guarded.”  All three children, “Daddy you can see?”  “Yes, my lovely children I can see with this special optical chamber that we have created under the lake where all of Seattle is clueless to our movements under these waters.”

“This is the beginning of something more than what your young minds are able to handle at this time, but soon will learn all that is needed,” Barbwire and Ms. Haze.


Comming up Next....  "The Secret of the Haze"


*This concludes the revision of my Diagnostic Essay.  The following essay title "Super Powers" was the very original creation.  Which do you like better?  I think writing is an art and can only get better with practice and time.