Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"JJ's" original "Super-Powers" essay :1 0f 2


It had been a very beautiful day.  Filled with family, friends and fun.  We were at a wedding vow renewal ceremony for one of my friends.  Everything seemed rather delightful up until the point I found myself sitting in an emergency room where I was the patient.  What had happened?  My temperature had shot up to about 102 degrees.  I thought I would be okay.  Take a pill and I will be okay.  I felt safe at my home before I drove myself here.  My vision became blurred.  I started to have chest pains.  My throat started to throb.  My sides, ached, my muscles started to feel weird, painful.  Sounds like maybe a virus?  Very well possible.

I had gone through the usual uncomfortable ness that everyone goes through I think when they are asked or told to get undressed and put on a Roman Style hospital robe. Who ever knows which way to put those hospital fashions?  Tie in the front or back? Too much thinking for a patient who’s sick, I’d say.  I don’t want this medical bill.  Oh, my. …Oh, how grateful I am once more for the wonders of health insurance.  Ah, the politics behind that issue is another story in itself.  I haven’t even begun really to tell you of the discovery that I had made. So, lend me your ear.

After leaving the hospital with no real answers, a prescription to cure what ever it was that was ailing me…no name or title at this point.  These Doctors must have Superpowers or something I really don’t know.  It’s some type of mystical phenomenon that takes place in those hospitals. 

It’s going to be a chilly day tomorrow I bet.   Tonight it is about 57 degrees.  Off I go in my awesome Hydro fuel automobile.  My husband helped design the hydro-fuel cars, homes, ECT…  I invite you to visit our home.  I want you to see our humble abode.  He’s got his own Science lab right at home.  Sometimes I think he’s been experimenting on me somehow.  Yes, I dare say this.

That morning I felt refreshed alive, alert, and renewed as if I was fit more than I had ever felt in my life.    Not having a complaint regarding aches or pains.  My life outside of the bodily aches and pains were always perfect in my eyes.  Wow, even more so now.  I believe my “Higher Power” has blessed me.  I looked in the mirror and nothing less than a miracle.  Every sign of ageing from all my days of swimming outdoors in the sunlight were vanished.  Vanity you may be thinking.  But, no, truly a blessing had been bestowed upon me and I can feel the power.  I had been blessed with what I call a super human super power.  That of SUPERHEALING powers, Questions- tons of questions raced through my head.  How many others have this power?  It is really a Superpower of super-natural explanations of sort.  It is real!  It all started that morning when I touched my face and imagined in my mind that of a healed face with no signs of stress. That is when the power came to light.  I had to test this power further.  I thought it possibly could be nothing more than a dream.  Since some strange things have been happening.  Now, I am convinced.  You’ll only believe it if you see it you may be thinking.  Have some faith and let go, just believe.  You’ll soon realize the truth. 

My eldest daughter and my husband practically blind at birth were both restored with perfect vision as God intended all people to be perfect at one time.  I had placed my hands over my eldest daughter’s eyes and imagined her functioning with bliss having full use of her eyes with no visual impairments.  I then did the same with my husband and he too was blessed with complete restoration of full and complete vision in both eyes.  Amazing!

What it was I had learned about myself being able to turn back time as in healing the skin, the vision, I continued healing, my mind, heart, my spirit and whole self.  I had been sick and now have been blessed with super healing powers.  The cure all to what exactly, is still to be learned.

Having felt so powerless within my own ailments I began to think.  What virtuous things can I do with this blessing? Do others posses this “Super human power”?  With my super healing powers I would reach high, do the best in all my means to help those just for the asking.

I will start with the Cure- healing power to cure what we know as AIDS, CANCER, DIABETES, ALCHOLISM, ALL THE DISEASES that have been affecting the lives of many with no cure in sight.  Keeping the power on the “down low”, as an anonymous philanthropist disguised with no distinguishing attributes that call for any sort of recognition.  Make a plan.

This is going to take a while, but I must do something.  I find myself drowned with Godly desires to help others now.

I need some real answers.  Did the Doctor know something more? Does my husband have this same power?  Any power?  He sure does spend hours on hours with his inventions in that lab.  Who do I tell?   I really need to talk with someone.  Something bigger than I am most definitely happening, and now I am learning my role. 

To be continued…

The End.

 (The art work is that of "DC comics" from an undisclosed online site.)

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