Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Down to the wire.

As it gets down to the wire here in reflecting what this class has been like.  I would like to say that as a student, we really need to be mindful of how we budget our time.  This has been a wonderful class and I know I will pass.  Although, I will say taking an eight -week English course has proven to be very challenging for me as I have been out of the academic world for some time.

 You all should be so lucky to have an instructor such as Paul Gasparo.  He has proven to be very creative and original yet, maintaining a discipline that is to be expected of someone in his position.  This has been a very good experience and I hope that future students can appreciate what our instructor has to offer.  I have yet to meet a teacher that has such zest for his art in such a way to encompass his own personality and making it become a reality for everyone in the class in creating real works of art.

            As the semester comes to a close I feel that I can tackle any project that comes my way so long as I take my time.  As I do have a tendency to be hasty at times and as the old’ adage says “Haste makes waste” and I will try my best to make best use of my time in reviewing any materials that I may have in question.  If something I have done is incorrect I have only myself to blame, but feedback is very important in the learning process, and maybe it is just my personality, but I need feedback whether it be good or bad.  I would hope that all feedback be constructive.  So, I am looking forward in reviewing what it is that I finalized in turning in for our last assignment.  The class in this sense has yet to end.  And I will have to remember to keep a portfolio or journal of what it is that I need to work on.  Yes, this is something I will be working on doing.  Taking things one day at a time.

            Why is it that many students wait till the last minute to get things done?  I don’t think this was the case for me.  I could use a bit of turbo or something.  Having to return to a college campus after so many years of being in various lines of work has proven to be a challenge.  One of the things that I never really like about the educational systems is that they are general very institutional like, unless you are in a school for the arts where they want you to be expressive and well, it really is all the same.  Actually with the internet and new learning mediums it seems to have made some expansion from the ridged way it was years ago pre-online classes.  Yes, it sure has been a while.  I am a life long learner.

            So, I say this.  What made this class stand out from any other schools that I have attended was the instructors originality, I’d say his youth, but I can almost bet you all some money that he’ll be just as unique in his teaching ten years from now.  What new comic books have you read lately?


 Thank you.

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Hey, what comics have you read lately?