Monday, November 17, 2008

Rhetorical readiness/ Classroom presentations

The class gave their rhetorical presentation analysis in class last week. I was fortunate that I did not have to go first or last. My presentation was somewhere in the middle. Let's just say I was excited and nervous at the same time. It's crucial to make sure that you are prepared for class and that your presentation will work correctly. I say this because I will admit that this was my very first power point presentation and I used my "Mac" computer book to create my presentation. Funny thing, my rhetorical analysis presentation was "David Letterman, PC vs. Mac" I really can relate to some of the challenges of compatibility those computers have. It is and can be very frustrating when the we speak many different languages.

I was rather impressed with many of the powerpoint presentations as they did look very professional. But, that was not really the main goal of this class at this time. That will be something that I will myself focus on for our final argumentive presentation.

In reflection the presentations that stood out in my mind were not the ones that were done in class, but the class before where our instructor was showing us slides and examples of rhetorical analysis of his own choosing. The image that stands out in my mind is that of what appeared to be a homeless person holding up a sign not wanting coins, but change.  Apparently these images can be seen in many areas where there are the homeless.  Check out this article where I found this image.  -Creative Urban Furniture: Convertible, Inflatable & Portable Homeless Shelters

Okay, back to the class presentations. I keep jumping around in my thoughts as I am actually doing this blog in a classromm setting as a group. The first and last time I think we will be doing this as a class.

Their was a photo rhetorical anaysis presented by one of my classmates that was a photo text.

It was of a boy in what appeared to be in a third world country. He was pissing on a wall.

It was a photo with very little color, it was black and white somewhat dreary in appearance and to the right side of the photo there was a red logo splashed very commercial looking which stated "just do it". This photo in my opionion was a good example of pathos in use. My classmate giving his presentation did a pretty good job. Pointing out that the boy was doing exactley what the logo was saying to do. As everyone has their own opinion as to what "Just do it" means. If you don't know it was the fortune 500 company "Nike".

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