Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Watching the "X-men" from a student's angle.

We had a fun assignment to watch modern day film of the "X-men".  If you have never seen the "X-men" film 2000 release, I'd recommend it.  It can get a little gross or rather freaky when you actually see the visual "human" change their forms into their mutations throughout the movie.   The image projected marked my brain as something dark and evil.  They are strange mutants. The director uses pathos in the film in the very beginning with a young boy, was taken from his family during a conflicting time in history. Seeing the young boy being ripped away from his family we are left with the impression that he was to never see them again  sadness and grief is dramatized a moment in time.   Which seems to be a key note in the film as I was drawn to believe that the young having survived one day would seek to avenge his family; either as  a good character or evil character all depending on how the child allowed the effects of what it was that happened in his life effect him and how he was able to cope, actually however the writer wanted the story line to read.  
Through out the film there were several suspense filled conflicts.  One of the interesting dynamical conflicts I found somewhat appealing was the relationship with two main characters.  The two main characters being that of "Rogue" also known as Mary and that of "Wolverine"also known as Logan.  These two seemed to have a very taboo relationship to begin with as Rogue tries to runaway from society and the realities of her mutation.  On her venture to run away from her recent tragic experience where she was the main instrument to destruction of her first boyfriend.  (This story is to be continued as it is part of my reflection in class.) -Thank you.

*The artwork is that of the CD/Film cover slip for X-men downloaded from undisclosed online source.

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